Through the magnificent Carpathian Mountain tops of Western Ukraine the Hutsul Highlanders from the region allow us an in-depth-rooted bond with nature residing in the numerous secluded mountain valleys and forests for generations. The special moment of just living within the Carpathian nature is reflected within their folk art, specially the artistry produced within their wood carvings in the types of local forest which were available, sycamore, walnut, pear, apple, alder, yew, cedar plank, walnut and oak.


Using the good thing about Nature his or her model they’ve honed their talents into highly efficient and inventive master carvers through the use of many geometric patterns, ornamental crusts, triangles, squares, rhombs, rose-window, jags, circles and traditional plant motives. Each decoration is made from special technical carving methods to get the right a really artistic effect. Pattern designs are pretty straight forward and obvious-cut supplying a natural link to the top and internal amount of the product. Later carvers combined their incrustation with metal dart (javelin) from brass, copper, nickel, steel, color beads to include more accents.

Place in your house

Many reasons exist why people appreciate and enjoy the good thing about natural wood at home. Wood adds warmth and sweetness. Hutsul wood carvings make wonderful accents to your house d├ęcor due to their functionality and sweetness.

How you can care

It’s very easy to maintain and enhance the good thing about your solid natural wooden products. By lightly rubbing the wood together with your hands will give you protection and make an amazing finish which will become more potent and much more beautiful throughout in the future, which makes it an everlasting unique keepsake.

Where you can buy

Internet gives limitless options how to buy unique products created anywhere. Travelling backroads of Ukraine we’ve selected products from master Hutsul carvers, who’ve blended their talents to change the good thing about nature into unforgettable unique artwork. Since no two bits of the wood are identical, every item features its own distinct character and essence.

Yolkstar Ornaments and Gifts is really a family business founded in 2007.

Our adventure continues to be an infrequent love story. We met after corresponding for pretty much four years on the internet and married 9 several weeks after our first meeting in Ukraine in 2003.

Living on continents enables us so that you can look for and uncover a few of the best unique hand crafted product from Ukraine and the remainder of Eastern Europe and offer a forum to showcase these extraordinarily gifted and gifted artisans.

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