It can be overwhelming to select the right flooring for your home. For a considerable time, vinyl flooring was just used for bathrooms and kitchens, but not anymore. Today, people opt for vinyl flooring for most parts of the house, mainly because it is designed to water & stain resistant and is an ideal solution for contemporary properties. Below are some of the aspects worth knowing.

The options

Companies that offer vinyl flooring in Melbourne usually have two choices – sheet flooring and vinyl tiles. The former is more preferred, because the installation is much easier, as the material is used in form of sheets. If you like the look of a ceramic tile floor, vinyl tiles are probably a better choice at a much lower price. The best idea is to talk to an installer and understand what they can offer for your home, keeping the foot traffic and regular use in mind. They may also consider the weather, other aspects that can impact your flooring investment.

Why vinyl flooring?

There is no denying that vinyl flooring is meant to last, and therefore, durability is one of the first reasons to choose this over other options. It also feels comfortable under the feet and is effective for reducing noises. If you have pets or naughty kids at home, vinyl flooring is certainly a great choice. The colors and patterns are varied and diverse, so it is easy to find something that matches the existing theme and harmony of your room. Some of the vinyl flooring patterns are designed to mimic the effects of natural wood.

On the flip side

While vinyl flooring does do well with food traffic, it isn’t the most durable choice for heavy loads. If you are not careful, sharp things can damage it. Some users claim that colors fade with time, although the newer materials are designed to tackle such problems.

Vinyl flooring works best for indoors. It is also important that you understand the costs and expenses associated with it, and don’t shy away from getting an estimate. Most installers will help with the designs and colors, but again, the choice depends on the kind of theme you want in the house. You can also choose to compare products based on additional features and installation process. It is also a good idea to discuss the possible needs for frequent maintenance, which is usually not required. Check online now to find more on vinyl flooring.

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