Bring a fashionable statement into your home with a herringbone floor. This geometric pattern is so recognizable and connotate classic design and refinement that it will instantly lift the style of your home. Visit: for a look at Junckers’ herringbone style parquet hardwood floors.

Add depth and interest to your home

Herringbone floor is made from smaller blocks of wood that are laid in the easily recognizable pattern know as, herringbone. Hence, the name does not referrer to a specific type of wood, colour or surface finish but rather a geometric pattern. If you have decided on a floor with this pattern you will still have the option of choosing among different types of woods, colour and textures so you can choose a style that either matches or complements your space.

Old style in modern times

Herringbone floors instantly bring to mind, beautiful old mansions, breathtakingly enormous halls in castles, and gorgeous museum spaces. A herringbone floor can immediately transform your space with its luxurious appeal and elegant style. This type of floor has already passed the test of time, and is an ideal choice if you want a durable hardwood floor that adds an extra element to your home.

Decorating a space with herringbone floor

Almost any style, modern or vintage will complement a herringbone floor. In a modern or contemporary home, the herringbone floor is a great way to add character and depth, to what can otherwise be an impersonal and neutral space. In the living room the wooden flooring can add elegance and a classy touch to your décor. To really let your herringbone floor stand out, and make a statement you should keep the rest of your décor simple and understated. Go with more neutral colours, materials and finishes.

But do not think that you have to pair your herringbone floor with exclusively modern design. You can also pair it with vintage and antic furniture without making your room look old and outdated. This takes some careful planning of your interior design though, and you should aim to have eclectic décor that both matches the floors and some elements that bring a modern touch. You may want to include rustic, traditional, and industrial elements.

Herringbone floor in the kitchen and bathroom

The herringbone floor is also suitable for kitchens, if protected with the right finish, and is a charming alternative to the otherwise popular tile floor. If you have a kitchen with an industrial look and a lot of steel elements, a wooden floor works nicely as a juxtaposition between the hard and soft style elements. Although wood is not the ideal flooring option in a bathroom, you can create the herringbone pattern with tile to make this room coherent with the rest of your home.

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