A beautiful fountain can be a great addition to your indoor space. The sound of the running water is refreshing. Knowing how to pick the right indoor fountain for your house, patio, or garden helps ensure you get what you pay for. There are many fountain options available for every property owner and with just a bit of research, you can understand the fountain style which can transform your property into an inviting relaxation zone.

When choosing an indoor fountain for your home, consider the following:


You want to choose a fountain design which suits your decor. Assess the overall decor motif first. Are you looking to use the fountain as an accent or centerpiece? A centerpiece water fountain should have a 360-degree design while an accent fountain is specially designed to suit a corner or be placed against a wall. Luxury fountains designed for indoor use produce various sounds and depending on where you intend to place yours, you may prefer to buy a quieter unit which will not disturb any conversation.


This is an important consideration especially if you want to place the fountain on the patio. Stone or heavier cast iron fountains might be too heavy for your porch to handle when built from wood. Fountains made of fiberglass can be your best option for wooden patios because they are lighter. With these fountains, you enjoy both the flexibility and money savings.

Shape and Size

Your decision on the shape and size of the fountain is based on the purpose of the water feature. If the fountain is intended to be used as a centerpiece of your decor, you need to pick a bigger one.  Big water features create a sophisticated statement which can be a great conversation starter for any gathering. It is about picking the water feature that suits your lifestyle.

Splash Radius

Every fountain creates a splash and depending on where you plan to place the water feature, this could make a possible slipping hazard as water gets into flat surfaces. You can avoid this by considering the amount of flow you want your fountain to produce. Reducing water flow can reduce the splash.

Focal Point

If you want to maximize the elegance of your fountain, you want to use it as a centerpiece of your design. Multi-tiered fountains are ideal for this task because they are both attractive and have soothing sounds.

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