The 20th century saw the rise of marble as a fashionable countertop material. However, there was also a time when marble lost its traction in the market as cheap laminate and other manmade materials were introduced. But it is not a surprise that marble is back seriously providing consumers with an exciting option for use in the bathroom and kitchen.

Below are some reasons marble has renewed its fame in the countertop market.

It Has Timeless Elegance

People who are looking for materials that feature a touch of distinction and refinement will always choose marble. Marble countertops provide a natural, sophisticated look that cannot be matched by other materials, except a granite countertop.

It is Available in A Wide Range of Options

Marble today comes in various colors. Although the white marble countertops that can be found in the market are still in abundance, they often have attractive veins and swirls of gray, rose, or off-white. Also, marble can have other base colors aside from white such as rose, light, gray, light green, and off-white. With marble’s variability in character and look, people can enjoy shopping for marble counters which help them achieve the desired scheme of their choice.

Marble in Countertops Make Excellent Accents

For those who don’t have the budget to do an entire kitchen in marble because of the cost, there are other options available. Installing a marble countertop on a kitchen island can dramatically complement more affordable materials like laminate and wood. Also, marble can be used on a wet bar or anywhere else where it could deliver an elegant accent.

If Properly Sealed, Marble Countertops are Easy to Clean

It is essential to have countertops sealed according to the specifications of the manufacturer. When a good sealing job is done, the countertops will be resistant to stains from wine, oil, juice, and other substances. As a softer stone, marble can take a little more care than other well-cared-for surfaces. If your kitchen or bathroom already has a marble; however, had not been properly sealed and cared for, you can still restore its fresh look by using the right products. There are many products you can find in stores that provide you with everything you need in terms of cleaning, sealing, and polishing your marble.

As proper marble countertop sealing is important, make sure you have your counters installed only by professionals. Having this job done professionally will let you enjoy years of attractive and durable marble countertops.

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