Bed bugs are nightmare for everyone. Their bites are almost similar to the mosquito bites, and they can simply ruin your night’s sleep, and peace of mind. They survive on your blood, and they wait till it is dark, to slowly come out of your bed, and suck your blood.

Have you ever wondered how these parasites came into existence?

Studies show that these bed bugs used to survive on the blood of the bats in the past. Thanks to some of our archaeologists and zoologists, who entered such bat caves and carried some of those bugs to the outside world on their shirts and hair. These parasites then adapted to survive on human blood, and they multiplied very fast. That is how we now have bugs all over the place.  We use all different types of chemical-based pesticides to get rid of these bedbugs.

They prefer cool and dark places like damp areas, behind switch boards, cracks, and wet kitchen ply boards. However, when people lie on bed how come they experience bug bites? This means bed bugs also hide in your bed. The question is, whether they stay on or in the bed because you cannot see bibittes sur le matelas in broad daylight.

Here are few things that can help you know how and where do bed bugs survive –

  • Bed bugs need human blood to live and carry on their reproductive cycle, therefore they try staying near human beings as they can easily feed on them, and thus they themselves in the mattress.

  • Due to their tiny size, they can hide anywhere in the mattress. They can hide in the seam areas and under the logo patch that’s sewn on the mattress.
  • If you still don’t find anything on the mattress then you should check the box spring that provides an excellent space to them to make their home.
  • Checking the entire wooden structure is a wise idea as it helps you know all possible space apart from fabric where they can hide.
  • If there are cracks or crevices in the metal frames it is better to get them checked, as we mentioned, bugs are so tiny that they can easily hide in any small space.

If you find blood stains or brown egg shells then it is time to reach out to a pest control service who can help you get rid of them. You need to remove all the bed covers and wash them in warm water for thirty minutes. This helps in killing the germs.

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