Do you need to clear your lot or yard? Maybe you have just been involved in a small remodel of your residence. If so, you need to clear away the excess debris. This can be more easily done if you hire a mini skip to take away the additional waste. You can also use this same service if you need to clear a lot and you are a business.

What Size of Bin Do You Need?

Whenever you need to make it more convenient to get rid of waste, you can depend on a skip bin hire to make everything go more quickly. Fortunately, today you can select from a full range of skip bin sizes. From large skip bins to mini skip bins in Perth, WA, you can find just the container you need to clear a property. Select a company that not only offers variously sized bins but also owns its own fleet of trucks. That way, deliveries and changeovers are both faster and more dependable.

It is also imperative to choose a company that is committed to green living. Select a company that strictly adheres to Australian standards on the proper removal of waste. When you receive your bin, you will receive a flyer that further details what waste can be disposed of.

Classifications of Waste

To better understand what waste can be removed, you need to understand the classifications of waste. For example, waste is categorised as general waste, heavy waste, or hazardous waste. General waste is any items or debris that can be broken down. These materials include wood, paper, metal, plastics, household waste, and green waste.

Heavy waste is waste that takes the form of turf, rubble, sand, bricks, concrete, lino, rocks, tiles, pavers, or glass. Both heavy waste and general waste can be removed in bins. However, hazardous waste is not accepted by bin companies. Hazardous waste includes tyres, asbestos, or flammable products. Flammables include products such as oils, paints, chemicals, or pesticides.

Arranging for Asbestos Removal

If you need to dispose of asbestos, you need to arrange for the removal with the waste company. Strict laws in Australian only permit only a specific form of disposal for asbestos. Otherwise, a company may have to pay a hefty fine.

If you are still not sure what to add to your bin, call the company with your enquiries or concerns. Also, make sure that you do not overload your bin. A company does not have to take a bin that is loaded past the brim. Make sure that the bin you choose can handle the volume of waste that you wish to have removed. That way, you will not have to spend extra on hiring an extra disposal bin. You can learn more about the bin sizes today by visiting a waste bin disposal site online.

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