Autumn is just the perfect time to celebrate some quality time with friends and family. Of course, planning a party often seems a lot of work. However, if you are smart enough, you can use these parties as a means to show off your personal taste and choices, besides taking such occasions as an excuse to try new décor ideas. In this post, we bring dinner party ideas for autumn that are worth trying!

Think of the season

Autumn is all about warm tones, bonfire setups, and candlelight dinners. Themes need to be soft and easy to the eyes, with use of textured elements like knits and rugs. Select colors that represent the season, and don’t shy away from using more of the autumn themes, such as the maple leaf. Embracing the season will allow you to explore more ideas.

Fragrance makes the difference

Besides setting the décor right, you need an atmosphere in the house that’s welcoming and feels very fresh and homely. Home fragrance ideas for the season depends on the mood but usually is more of the earthy & natural elements – think of options like cloves, cinnamon and orange. You can use some of the essential oils, or an alternative is to simmer those ingredients for a while before guests come in.

Make the most of lighting

As we discussed initially, autumn is the time for cozy elements, and in that context, you cannot ignore the power of lighting. Make sure that you have used low lights, or lights that are more similar to the aura created by candles. Lights can be used right on the dinner table, or you can even use real candles for the table, as the focal point of attention. For dinner party themes, lighting definitely has a big role to play, both indoors and outdoors.

Go for the small details

Dinner parties offer enough scope to mix and match décor and lighting elements, and even the small things make a difference. You may want to use some of the antique and vintage items in the house with contemporary elements to create a theme, or just mix and match the fabrics to add more texture in the living room.

Invest in good crockery

As a homeowner, you need to invest in tableware sets. There are a bunch of ideas out there, so choices depend on your personal taste, but in case you are confused, you can opt for white, which is a classic choice for dinnerware. You can try some of the patterned tableware sets that kind of reflect the autumn colors or is a measure of the changing seasons.

We also recommend that you check the option to get fresh blooms in the house. Flowers are ideal for almost any occasion, and you can actually find seasonal flowers at affordable prices. Place some in the vase or just put the unused mason jars to good use.

Not to forget, have fun. If you start early, making the arrangements won’t be much of a problem.

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