Is your home infested with, spiders, carpenter ants, or rodents? Well, you are not alone. There are many homes in Colorado infested with pests. It is important to find out the reason for pest infestation before employing any strategy to fighting them. Not every pest control measure is the safest. Some disinfectants can have side effects on your family.

When you are looking for Parker, CO Pest Control, you must be careful to pick the best exterminator services in the industry. Natural pest control methods are the safest and affordable means of preventing and keeping pests away from your home.

This article covers some of the pest control tips that you can try out today to keep your home free from most common pests all-round the year.

Expert tips on keeping pests away

Reduce the pest hiding spots

To reduce pest-hiding spots, you can keep the grass low, empty the dumps, and eliminate standing water in your compound to keep off mosquitoes, fleas, and flies. Also, you can keep firewood away from your house to prevent carpenter ants infestation. For spiders, ensure you remove any cobwebs between the wall intersections. To prevent mice, rats, cockroaches, and spiders, always reduce the amount of clutter in your compound.

Keep food covered

Ideally, rodents and cockroaches cannot survive if they cannot feed on leftover food. Therefore, when you have some food left in the kitchen, put them in a closed tin to prevent any contact with these pests. The pests will stay away if they do not have anything to feed on.

Do not switch off the lights

Pests like rats, bedbugs, and rats like to be in dark places away from any disturbances. Rats are scared of light. To keep the pests away, you can ensure your lights are on all night. Sodium vapor bulbs are known to scare away insects by making your home unattractive. Therefore, you can consider replacing your bulbs to scare away those disease-spreading insects from your house.

Plant flowers

Plants such as rosemary and mint are known to produce scents that are unattractive to pests. Mint scent is unbearable to rats, and rosemary scent can scare away all the housefly in your house. Also, you can make a natural fly repellent by mixing lemon, basil and mint leaves in a jar and placing it in a corner in your living room. This natural repellent keeps your living room a housefly-free zone.

Pest inspection and diagnosis

Always call your local pest exterminator to inspect your house of any potential pest infestation. Regular pest inspection helps you to adopt the right prevention method to keep your home free of pests that can cause you a bacterial infection. It also saves you money because you will keep the pests away before invading your house.


Pest control is one of the most challenging tasks we can commit to at home. Note that if you practice pest control regularly, then you will keep your home free of disgusting pests all year. Always ensure your compound is clean and you practice proper hygiene in the house to keep all pests away. Consider these expert tips to control pests safely.

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