After a long day work, you deserve the best possible comfort at night. Sleep Number offers a bunch of beds, bases, frames, and mattresses that are designed to contour to your body and offer the kind of firmness and adjustable features that you want. If you check for Sleep Number bed reviews, you will find that there are quite a few good reasons to choose one of the options, while there’s no denial that the comfort comes for a price. Here’s what you need to know.

Why go for Sleep Number beds?

  • Because you can adjust the firmness of the mattress, and can get the same settings in the push of a button whenever you want. Each partner can choose their preferred level of firmness, independent of what the other person has selected.
  • Some of the Sleep Number beds are designed to adjust the firmness as per the sleeping position of the user. There are pressure sensors that detect the sleeping position, which helps in making the adjustments.
  • Designed with the same form as memory foam mattress, these air beds are designed to conform to the shape of your body, but there’s no off ‘gassing’ in this case. The smell is absolutely bearable.

  • Most of the parts are made in the US. Sleep Number beds don’t need to be decompressed and can be used immediately once assembling is done. In terms of weight, the beds are extremely light weight, compared to standard spring, latex and memory foam mattresses.
  • If you are dealing with back pain, this is a good brand that has kept therapeutic support in consideration. Sleep Number has got great reviews, which remains one of the positive aspects.

Sleep Number beds/mattresses can be classified based on the product series. The first one is called the classic series, where there is another one called Performance series. The innovation series is latest in their collection and has more unique features.

The bad

There’s no denying that Sleep Number Beds are expensive, and you will have to shell a decent sum, especially when compared to the expensive choices that are available in the market. While the brand itself offers considerable support, many clients and users have had issues with some of the features, and malfunctioning isn’t an uncommon thing. Since these beds have an air pump, you can expect some level of noise, which might not be pleasing to everyone. Sleep Number Beds are designed for comfort, firmness and great sleep, but these beds are not very good for those intimate times. This is more because these don’t offer that kind of bounce that’s expected during sex. Not to forget, the products aren’t available online on third-party stores, so you have to find a local retailer.

Check online to find more on Sleep Number Beds, and don’t forget to check for reviews. The best ones are designed to help you sleep better. Take a look at their collections and take a call on the products based on the features offered.

Author Bio – Evelyn Lewinski left Poland in 2006 and started working in the USA as a professional interior designer. She has authored many book chapters on the topic of bedroom designing and her latest area of interest is designing bedrooms with adjustable beds.

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