A new home is a great reason to celebrate. Giving the homeowners a thoughtful housewarming gift shows that you are thinking about them is such a moment. Housewarming gifts do not have to be expensive because the underlying reason is to demonstrate how happy you are on the achievement of the homeowner.

Some of the gift ideas for new homeowners can be freshly baked food items, a gift card to nearby restaurants or flowers in a pretty vase. You can also give them a photo book showing the photos they took while in their previous homes.

A photo book can make a significant contribution to the gifts list. Words may also be written below the pictures to describe your feelings about that moment. You can make a photo book at Mixbook.com within an hour. All you need to do is choose themes for the pages and upload the digital photos. The mixbook.com staff will print the photo book on the following day and deliver it to your address.

Below are some of the best gifts to give to new homeowners

1. A voucher to a nearby restaurant

When in the process of settling down, cooking dinner or lunch is not usually at the top of the priority list. You are always just focused on finishing unpacking and arranging one room after the other. Gifting your friends with a voucher to a nearby restaurant can be a great idea. If you do not know their favorite meal, then choosing pizza has never been a bad idea.

2. Freshly baked goods

Who does not love freshly baked cake or bread? Head to the local bakery around the new home and buy a box of goodies. If you are blessed in culinary skills, then you can bake a homecoming cake for your homeowner’s friends. You can also pick something from their favorite bakery in their old neighborhood.

3. Food storage containers

The best to organize your home is when moving in. Get your friends a set of high-quality food storage containers to use in their pantry. Such food containers are long-lasting and help to make the kitchen neat and organized. If they already food storage containers, then you can buy them crockery or cutlery.

4. A plant

This is the gift that lasts longer than most other presents you may give to the new homeowner. A tree seedling marks the years of staying at a place. Ensure to buy a tree that requires little maintenance, like only watering.

5. A welcome mat

A new home deserves a new welcome mat. You can for something simple or get a custom-made rug with their initials or their favorite pet. You would save them the cost of buying another welcome mat if they were planning to buy one!

6. A beautiful key chain

The best gifts are the ones that people often use, and a key chain is a great gift idea. Purchase an attractive and stylish key holder that the new homeowners would find irresistible. You can also get a custom made key holder that matches their style.

7. A photo book

Giving your loved ones, a photo book that reminds them of the beautiful moments they had in their previous home is a heart-touching gift. You can never go wrong with such a gift idea. Head to Mixbook.com and upload the digital pictures to get a high-quality photo book.

The best gifts for new homeowners are sentimental. They do not have to be expensive and sophisticated. Simple things such as a key holder, a plant, and a personalized welcome mat can make a significant difference.



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