Decorating your house can become important job to do. It is because the decoration can affect the comfort at home. In this case, the furniture is one of main parts to have in the interior decoration. Regarding furniture, you can find various types of it, starting from the design and its material. When you are also planning to upgrade your furniture, teak wood is good option. There are many places providing teak furniture wholesale, and you can find what you need there.

Tips of Choosing Good Teak Products in Furniture Wholesale Supplier

It is true that you xan find many kinds of furniture. Even, when you already specify the wooden material, you still have some options of furniture. In case of teak furniture, the furniture is known for its strength and durability. However, it does not mean you will be able to choose randomly. That is why there are some tips to help when you are in furniture wholesale supplier.


  1. Grade of teak wood

When you go to teak furniture wholesale store or supplier, you will find the type of wood is still divided into some classes or grades. In teakwood, there are three grades. The best grade is grade A. Then, there is grade B and grade C as the lowest grade.

In this case, should be able to choose the most suitable one. Of course, when you are going to choose the grade A, it will be pricy. However, when you are planning to use it outdoor, it is recommended to choose the grade A teakwood. Grade C is not recommended unless it is for small and simple furniture that does not require good strength and durability. 


  1. Machined furniture

When you talk about the built quality, you should look for the machined furniture, even when it is for the teak furniture. There are actually many options, starting from machined and handmade furniture. 

In term of built and design quality, machined furniture is better since it has precision. However, when you are also looking for artistic sculpture on wood, such as what the Indonesian furniture offers, you can have combination of machined and handmade furniture. It is because the sculpture is best when it is done manually by skillful hands.


  1. The use of chemical substance

Some furniture industry uses the chemical substances. The substances are used in order to hide the quality of wood. Some industries are tricky in order to get higher price when they sell furniture. Then, there are also that use the chemical to create better color. Unluckily, the chemicals can ruin the quality of wood. Moreover, it also gives impacts on health. That is why it is recommended to ask the furniture wholesale supplier regarding the use of chemical substances.

Those are some tips to choose furniture. It is true that teak wood is great material for furniture. However, it does not mean you can suddenly pick the furniture randomly. You should choose wisely and these considerations are helpful, even when you are looking for Indonesia furniture. 

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